Mission Statement:April 30th 2012


Cheers to my Friends, family, and supporters:

This is my first attempt at creating a blog and the idea came after deciding it was time to share my passion for fitness and nutrition. I am constantly being asked “what should I eat”, “how should I exercise”, “how can I lose or gain weight”?! I do have my bachelors degree but I don’t consider my self an expert by any means, my goal is simply to live as an example.  I wish to inspire and motivate through the things that I love. The idea behind my blog came when I decided to do my first Olympic length triathlon. That’s a mile swim, a 6 mile and a 26 mile bike. I have ran half marathons before, raced in a few sprint triathlons, but this is entering the big leagues, especially since I swim like a complete spaz. (seriously, ask my friends) This race terrifies me. If I can manage to swim one mile in open water, slowly jog 6 miles to my bike, and somehow manage a 26 mile hilly climb, then this will be nothing short of an miracle. For those who know me well also know that I am a procrastinator. I will wait till a week before the race and suddenly decide maybe I should start training. My goal is simple, and through the help of this blog, hopefully achievable. I have 60 days to train, and for 60 days I plan to blog my training experience, nutrition tips, recipes, etc. As I think about writing my experience, my only hope is to in return inspire someone, anyone to reach for their goal. To stop doubting ourselves, to stop being afraid of reaching our dreams. How often do we allow fear to stop us from achieving our true potential. I am guilty as charged. But what doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger, and as long as this race doesn’t kill me, in 60 days I will be stronger, capable, more able then I was before. I appreciate you taking the time to read my blog and follow me. Day 1 starts today and I am ready 🙂

Much Love



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