Training Day 1. May 1st 2012


Hello friends, family, and those who I don’t know who have just stumbled upon my blog. WELCOME BACK!


Yesterday was my first day of training and like any hopeful student, I was optimistic, motivated, feeling like I could conquer the world.

Well it didn’t take long for a slap in the face with reality. Reality is that I am not currently ‘in shape’.

First I  would like to say that I strongly dislike gyms. Whenever I go to a gym, I always wear a hat, head phones blaring and I never EVER make eye contact.

One nice glance in someones direction is suddenly an open invitation to start a twenty minute conversation with you. Come on people! I am at the gym to EXERCISE, not TALK!


So there I go, hat on, head phones blaring. I quickly throw my clothes in the locker and book it to the first treadmill I see. I also strongly dislike running on a treadmill, but I figured since I was there to swim I would try to make the most of it.


So there I am, so effortlessly running like a gazelle, I am thinking to myself  “Wow girl, you aren’t as out of shape as you think you are, you got this”. The optimistic voice stayed in my head for only a few more minutes until I mistakenly looked down at my running mill to note the distance.

The machine read 0.75 miles. What?!!! I haven’t even ran a mile yet! No wonder I feel so good, I thought for sure it was at least 2! Damn! Okay, okay I got this. Que optimistic voice again.


At about 2.5 miles out pops that little devil on my shoulder who likes to creep out every time I start getting really uncomfortable.

You know what I am talking about, you know the voice that says, “What are you doing to yourself?!!” “You better stop before you die”!! But I pushed through, I silenced negative Nancy and happily finished my planned 3 mile run.

So what if my knees were throbbing?!! I had done it! Okay one exercise down, one to go.


Next stop, the swimming pool. Que evil laugh.

No!! Not the swimming pool! I wont go! You cant make me! Whats that you say?! Oh a triathlon requires me to able to swim?! Buh hum bug. Alright, I’ll get in.

Goal today is 500 meters. In a 25 meter pool that means I have to swim 20 laps, totally do able.

Now if I can just get this breathing thing down without drowning. The first few laps go down smoothly; no problems. Actually I think it was at about lap 10 when I noticed the older gentlemen in the lane next to me.

Ever notice how there are ALWAYS older people in the pool who swim so beautifully, they just kinda float through the water, and they can ALWAYS swim like 900 million laps?!

Well I notice, in fact I spend half my time just staring at them in complete awe and disbelief. Then I thought to myself  “Stop making excuses, stop being scared”! “You can do this”! And so I did, all 500 meters. Crista-1, Pool-0. Day 1 down, 59 to go.



Hopeful Student


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