Training Day 2. May 2nd 2012


Well Hello Again!


Yep, I am blogging every day, just when you thought you could get rid of me, SURPRISE! Another blog! I do still appreciate your continued support, so thanks guy! you rock! and thanks for the sweet comments!

I have been told that people are having issues leaving comments below,  I will further investigate this and find out why?! This is my first time in the blogging world and I am still figuring things out as I go.

So back to the task at hand, training Day 2. Yesterdays training consisted of a 16 mile bike ride with a 1/2 mile swim, (that’s 800 meters). I really don’t enjoy biking on a stationary bike, I mean come on! How boring, zzzz.

Plus you cant really simulate a hilly climb on a stationary bike. The thrill of your lungs feeling like they are going to burst out of your chest, heart pounding at least 160 beats per minute, the burning in your thighs and hamstrings, the pain in your back! There really is nothing like it!


So there I am hottest part of the day getting ready to start my bike ride, I had the brilliant idea to ride to the gym, (8 miles), swim, then ride home (8 more miles), seriously it was brilliant! I was making my own little dual athlon here! And to make things even better, I had a dear friend go along with me for the ride! Training is so much more fun when you have a buddy!


The ride to the gym went smoothly without any injuries. I was cruising along, feeling stronger and more capable with every bike pedal, until I realized that I was feeling so great because 80 percent of the ride was down hill! Oh the pain and misery for the up hill  ride home!


Why oh why cant the down hill ride be AFTER the gym?! Never mind that, it was going to be OKAY! I wasn’t going to die today on this horrendous bike ride. Plus I had AC/DC blaring in my head phones to keep me motivated! Highway to hell anyone?!


So my friend and I get to the gym, swim our 800 meters without any problems. Seriously! I swam 800 meters without feeling like I was going to drown! I really think I am starting to defeat the evil pool, you can no longer scare me pool, with your big tub of water! I laugh in your face!


Ride home, again no real issues, oh ya other that that 5 mile bitch of a mountain climb!

For those who have taken a spin class before or have road biked know what I am talking about. That point when your body just wants to shut down, you feel as if you can never take a deep enough breath!

And at this altitude?! Forget it! You really think you are going to just fall off you bike and die right there in the middle of the road! But you don’t. You make it to the top because you know once you get to the top its all down hill from there 🙂


This makes me think of a wonderful quote I recently read:


I believe in redefining my impossible.


Anything is possible! Never ever sell yourself short! If you don’t believe in yourself, who will?!! Day 2 down, 58 to go.


With Love

The Optimistic Biker


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