Training Day 3. May 3rd 2012. Death of the iphone


Alright back to the task at hand. Training Day 3 went ehh, okay. Honestly I don’t know what my deal was yesterday, my motivation meter was running low. I am not sure if it was the sore knees, the tight hip flexor, or the complete dread of having to put on my tennis shoes and go again.


On today’s agenda was a 5 mile run. I made the mistake of waiting till the evening to attempt my goal. I always work out better in the morning, when I can just get it over with before my brain realizes what I am doing.

If I wait till later in the day, I think about it all day long, and then when it comes time to do it, I think of about 1 million reasons why I shouldn’t.

So I learned from my lesson, work out first thing in the morning. Okay, check, got it!

So its about 6:40 in the evening, I run about a 10 minute pace, so I should be back in about 50 minutes (give or take).

So I have my trusty iphone, Pandora is blasting, and I got my GPS on. The nice lady talks to me every mile and tells me how far I have gone. She even has a nice Australian accent. I call her La La, you know, like the girl version of Tom Tom.


So I am running, nothing exciting to report, just basic running.

Putting one foot in front of the other. I hear La La tell me, “You have reached 1 Mile”, Great! Thanks La La, geez she is so helpful. 10 more minutes go by, “You have reached 2 miles”. Wow! 2 miles already?! I got this!

About another 3 minutes go by and suddenly my music stops. I look down at my phone to see what the problem is, and the screen on my phone is completely black! Dead! Gonzo!

I start to think, okay, when is the last time I charged this thing?! I know I had at least 50% on when I left!

I start to panic, freak out, I want to throw my stupid apple product across the road! NO!! WHY?!! Curse you Steve Jobs! Curse you modern technology!

Its all your fault for making me so dependent on my phone!

I even try doing the reset thingy, you know, where you hold down the center button at the top button and wait for the little apple to appear?!! Well it doesn’t work! Nothing works!

My year and a half relationship with my phone is over. Without notice, without even a letter good bye. I am devastated.

Pissed off more then anything! So I run my sulking butt home, ready to say good bye to the worst May day so far. Oh well there is always tomorrow, hopefully I wake up with a better attitude, or a working phone.



My phone doesnt work, so I feel as in my life is over


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