Training Day 4. May 4th 2012. Body Rock


Hello Everyone,


Its an honor and a pleasure to have your company tonight. I write to you from the beautiful city of Albuquerque, the breath taking Sandia’s,  and the crisp night spring air.


Today I ran the infamous Warrior Dash, 3 miles and 70,000 people.

Yep you heard me correctly, 70,000 people. But that’s tomorrows blog so I wont go into to much detail. Instead I will write about yesterdays workout, AKA, the body rock workout.

For those of you who live in a cave with no tv, Internet, or social interaction, may not have heard of, if thetas the case, welcome to the 21st century.


For those of you who have heard of, well thank you for being on the same page as me! The whole concept to bodyrock is that they wanted to post free workout videos that can be done at home to promote the idea that ANYONE can find the time to workout!


Every video can be done in your living room, and they use unconventional workouts to make exercise interesting and fun!

If your eyes are suddenly getting large and you are getting excited about the idea of being able to workout at home, please read on.

I started following bodyrock over a year ago, and as a result I have been able to incorporate a lot of their ideas into my own workout at home.

You can only do some many bicep curls and lunges before you start wondering if there is a more exciting way to work out! Well the answer is yes!

There are hundreds of thousands of different exercises and its important to constantly challenge yourself and try something new!

So yesterday was a busy day for me, I had to deal with the dead cell phone situation (see previous post), run some errands, laundry, pack and of course get in a workout before I hit the road for a 3 hour drive to Albuquerque.

I had about 30 minutes to exercise and I was going to make the most of it!

So I came up with my own workout, a few ideas from my previous personal training experience and a few from good ol bodyrock.

So here was my workout. If you want to try some of these at home, please do! I have 1 set of 15# weights, a Swiss ball, and a couch, and that’s really all you need to get a good work out in! So easy, no need to go to the gym.


Triceps Dips-12 reps

1 Legged Lunges-10 reps each leg

Shoulder Presses-12 reps

30 seconds Mountain Climbers

Bicep Curls-12 reps

Sumo Squats-12 reps

Lateral Shoulder Raises-12 reps

30 seconds of Burpees

Repeat 4 x

I also ran a 5, 50 meter sprints in the street in front of my house, trying to work on my speed! I am sure the neighbors thought I was crazy!


If you aren’t familiar with some of these exercises you can YouTube or google any of them and a video or image should pop up. Or of course message me and I will try to describe them for you.


I hope everyone is having a blessed and happy weekend. Stay Safe!



-With Love




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