Training Day 6. May 7th 2012. Brick Workout


Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Wow this day went by so fast and now here it is 10:00 pm and I am just now getting to write this blog.

But as long as people keeping reading, I will keep writing.

In fact according to my blog has received 500 page views! Holy crap! I didn’t even know I knew that many people!

Thanks for the support guys! I guess the comment box is not working again 😦

I might try to move my blog to another website that is more cooperative or I might try a facebook page or if you want to send sweet comments my way, my email is 🙂


On to our next order of business, I have created my workout schedule in an excel spreadsheet for any of you who would like to follow my training regiment with me.

Ill post it every Monday so you can know what its store for the week.


Also I am going to start talking more about recipes and diet in my future blogs, specifically diet for weight loss and also for training. According to my I burned 1500 more calories today then I consumed which means I get to eat a lot more! YAY! I love food.


On a side note, I am trying to give up all refined sugars, I have a HUGE sweet tooth, and I know how bad it is for the body.

But seriously who can say no to a freshly baked brownie with vanilla ice cream on top?!

Anyways I am slowly winging myself off of the white goodness. I went so far as to throw away every once of chocolate, ice cream, or other such sweets that were hidden in the house.

Needless to say my roommate (AKA my dad) wasn’t very happy about it 🙂


Next up, the brick workout!

So my dad is building a retaining wall in his backyard. And being the go getter that he is, he has decided that he is going to be doing all the man labor, including the buying and stocking of products.


That means that every day he goes to the ‘brick store’ and buys 30-30 pound bricks, brings them up in his truck, and then carries them about 70 yards from the front of the house to the back of the house. 30×30=900 pounds.

Holy cow that’s alot of weight! And he has been doing this every day for the past week. Well me, being the kind and helpful roommate that I am, I help my dad with this chore every day. 900 pounds/2=450 pounds, back and forth, back and forth.


So yesterday I am helping my dad, and I look down at these bricks and a light bulb goes off in my head! (don’t worry, I didn’t hurt myself)


I decide that I am going to use these little bricks to get in my daily workout.

So like any crazy person would do, I wait for my dad to leave the house so I am alone in my madness.


The golf course behind the house is closed on Mondays, which leaves plenty of room for my devious plan. I grab a brick and start running.


Yep, crazy little blonde girl, running across the fairway with a brick over her head. 30 pds starts to feel like a 100 pds in just a few yards.


So I get to one end of the fairway still grabbing the brick and I start to squat, lunge, sumo squat, lunge with a torso twist my way through the golf course.


The whole show last about 30 minutes but man oh man was I tired! Who know bricks could be so exhausting?! The point being, even if you don’t have a gym membership, you hate gyms, or you are just too busy, look around you and make the most of what you have!


Don’t make excuses to get yourself active and healthy! Be proactive about what you want and make it happen!



Ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it. -Lou Holtz


Below is an article entitled The 25 Key Reasons You Want to Dramatically Reduce or Avoid Sugar in Your Diet; if you have time, read it! Its very eye opening!



Look forward to hearing all about your fitness goals and accomplishments this week!


With Love



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