Happy Thursday, the weekend is so close I can taste it! What are your weekend plans?!

I got a 90 minute bike ride on Saturday and a 45 minute run on sunday Wooh! Anyone in the Farmington area want to ride or run with me, let me know!

Yesterday was uneventful 5 mile trail run.

You know the usual back in the foothills, jog through the sand.

Oh wait, expect for that foot snake I almost stepped on! Yep, little bull snake just basking in the sun, and little ol me just out for an afternoon run.

Thank goodness I noticed him about 5 seconds before my foot was about to land on his slimy back! Eek, creeps me out just to think about it! Thank goodness it wasnt a rattle snake! :S

I would like to take a few moments and talk about hyradation and recovery drinks/meals.

What is the benefit to eating and drinking a recovery meal immediately following a workout?

Recent research indicates that there is a ‘metabolic window’, a period of approximately 30-45 minutes immediately following a workout, when your body can optimally replenish and rebuild itself.

Carbohydrates and protein are what your body craves during this time! Preferably in a 4:1 ratio, carbohydrates to protein.

The body is able to ‘restock’ your glycogen (carb) stores and begin to rebuild the muscle broken down during exercise at this time.

The more frequent and intense, the more crucial these recovery drinks are. Have you ever finished a workout and you start to feel shaky, and light headed?! That’s your body telling you, we want carbs!

We want protein!

My favorite thing to make is protein shakes with a little bit of soy or almond milk, a banana (for the potassium) and whatever frozen fruit I have on hand.

Other possible recovery meals:

1. Pasta and tuna

2. Wheat bread with peanut butter

3. Chicken, chicken chicken,

4. Brown rice and beans

5. Whole wheat tortilla and lean cut of meat (turkey, chicken etc)

So don’t forget to take care of your body after it works hard for you during exercise!

It is exercise alone that supports the spirits, and keeps the mind in vigor. -Cicero


-With Love




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