Training Day 19 & 20 – Busting Another Fitness Myth




We made it over the hump and now two more days till a hopeful 3 day weekend. 

This week has been harder for me in terms of motivation. Trying to juggle your life around exercise can be quite daunting. I hate having it hanging over my head through out the day and then rushing in and out, not always being able to accomplish what I had planned. Making excuses as to why I don’t have to time to exercise. 


This week has also brought about self doubt. Wondering if I have gotten in over my head, wondering if I can do it. As I picture myself swimming a mile, running 6 miles then biking 26 miles, I wonder if I can physically finish. 


After a minor melt down, re-grouping, and some self talk, I realize that the only person that standing in my way of success is myself. Doubting myself isn’t making anything better, I have to stay positive. Believe that I can do this, mentally and physically. 


Tuesday workout was a 3 mile run, todays workout was swimming, minus the weight training because I just didn’t have the time, or rather I didn’t make the time. 


Here is the rest of this weeks workout for anyone following along: 


    Thursday                   Friday                     Saturday                         Sunday

60 minute bike ride – Weights/Swim –   90 min bike ride/1 mile run  –   6 mile run


Tonight I would like to talk about another common fitness myth. The myth that eating late at night will cause weight gain. I have heard or seen this myth about a hundred times. 


Somewhere along the way we’ve been told that we shouldn’t eat after 7 p.m. or we will pack on the pounds. This is a common misconception. Our bodies need fuel constantly, not just when we are awake. When we’re sleeping, our bodies are burning calories to circulate blood, assist with lung functioning, and fuel our brains. 


Studies consistently show that nighttime eating does not actually cause weight gain if you stay within your body’s daily caloric needs. 


The fact is that your body will store any extra calories as fat if you take in more calories than you burn in a day, regardless of the time of day in which you consume those excess calories.


Where some people do get into trouble with eating late at night is if they binge and take in more calories than they need in a day. This often happens when people restrict their intake too much during the day. If you find that you’re ravenous at night, you probably aren’t getting enough calories throughout the day. 


I cant tell you how many times I have had patients/clients in the past tell me that they don’t have time to eat breakfast, they might have a snack during the day then by the end of the day they are starving and can consume up to 1200 plus calories in one plate sitting. BAD BAD BAD! 


Your best bet is to eat portion-controlled meals consistently throughout the day, never going more than 3-4 hours without eating. Think of your metabolism as a fire that constantly needs fuel to burn or it will die out. Constantly fueling the fire, with the right foods, will help boost your metabolism, thus burning more calories. 


If you do get late night hunger, choose vegetables, fruit, or protein based foods and NOT JUNK FOOD. The bottom line:  Your body does not process food differently just because the sun went down. Eating too many calories, regardless of the time of day in which you do so, can lead to weight gain. It all comes down to balancing calories in with calories out. Another myth busted! 


“To give anything less then your best, is to sacrifice the gift”

Steve Prefontaine 


With Love 




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