It has been 6 days since my last post, a busy busy memorial weekend combined with a birthday makes for a delayed blog posting. I have however been keeping up with my exercise and I write this to you as I have just finished a HIIT exercise via body rock and via my living room.

Friday was my birthday and I started it with a morning workout, weights and swimming 800 meters, then off to camping for the weekend. Saturday was a 4 mile hike, and sunday a 10 mile run in Durango CO.


Monday was a rest day and yesterday was a failed adventure.

It my boyfriends bright idea to run from my house to Farmington Lake, approx 2 miles each way, then once we get to Farmington Lake put our wet suits on and hop in for a swim. Keep in mind this would have been my first open water swim EVER! So I put on my wet suit scared silly but I am optimistic and trying to not think about the fish or other creepy crawlys that might be lurking below.

I get as far as the top of my waist in the freezing cold water when my nerves start to get the best of me. I freak out, I run back to shore all the while my boyfriend is laughing at what a sissy I am. Did I mention that the water was freezing?! I refuse to go back in. I say that I am not ready. How in the world am I going to be swimming a mile in this water in less then a month?!!! AHHH! I pack the wet suit back and head for home. Wanting to head to the gym and just swim in the clear clean water of an indoor pool.


I shall return to the lake tomorrow hoping to recapture my dignity. Wish me luck.

The rest of the week looks as follows:

Thursday: Weights and 60 minute Bike Ride

Friday: Swim and Sprints

Saturday: 90 minute Bike Ride

Sunday: 6 mile run

Since running my 10 mile race in Durango Sunday I want to talk about the benefits of running. People sometimes think I am crazy for casually talking about a 10 mile run as if I went for a stroll around the park. To be honest with you if someone told me 3 years ago that I would be running half marathons and triathlons I would think they were crazy. Exercise isn’t something that you develop a love or need for overnight it takes time. Now I love running, running creates a freeing and exhilarating feeling that not many other things can match. Aside from the way it mentally makes me feel, running also has many other health benefits.

Did you know that on average you burn approx 100 calories for every mile that you run?! Running also helps lower blood pressure by maintaining the elasticity of the arteries. As a person runs, his or her arteries expand and contract more than usual, keeping the arteries elastic and the blood pressure low. In fact, most serious runners have unusually low blood pressure. Running also helps maximize the lungs’ potential, as it keeps them strong and powerful. While deep breaths force the lungs to use more tissue, the 50% of normally unused lung potential is utilized. Finally, running strengthens the heart and helps prevent heart attacks. The large muscle exercise it provides helps keep the cardio system efficient and strong. In fact, the heart of an inactive person beats 36,000 more times each day than that of a runner, as running keep the arteries open and the blood flowing smoothly.

Running is also one of the cheapest forms of exercise, all you need is a good pair of running shoes. I suggest going to a store that specializes in running shoes. Most stores will have an expert watch your gait (the way you walk or run) and give you feed back accordingly. They say to replace your shoes every 200 miles, or approximately 4 months depending how often you run.

On the flip side running can be very jolting and taxing on the body, its important that if you choose to use running as a form of exercise, that you also combine it with strength training and some other form of exercise that is lower impact on your joints, yoga, swimming etc. That constant pounding, wear and tear so to speak on your knees, hips, ankles, lower back etc can be very painful on your joints if they arent supported by the correct shoes, or if you aren’t correctly training or stretching. Remember to only stretch when your muscles are warm and give your body time to cool down after running by slowly walking and catching your breath.

So head to the store, invest in a good pair of shoes and get out running! If you are new to running then start with the couch to 5 K program. Its an easy to follow schedule that will show you how to start from walking to running 3 miles in just a few weeks. Keep up the training and send me warm fuzzy vibes, I only have 30 days left!

With Love


Training days 22 – 26 / Benefits of Running


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