Training Days 36-44 and SOUL CYCLE


Happy Sunday Everyone!

It’s been a while since I last blogged, been traveling the past week so my apologizes if I left any of you hanging 🙂

As a new week approaches I reflect on this past week’s goals and accomplishments. Did I do enough? Was I strong enough? For me, I had some good days and some bad days.  I also had the opportunity to travel to California for a job interview.

I didn’t exercise near as much as I should have, however I did have the wonderful opportunity to take a spin class with the company that I was also interviewing for. The company is called Soul Cycle. Soul Cycle started in NY when two women decided that they wanted a different and better spin class experience. I had read a lot about Soul Cycle and thought I was prepared for what the spin class might entail.

This experience is completely different than any class I have ever done before, not only are you spinning to candle light, but the intensity and the energy in the room can’t be matched. The class starts with high intensity house/v dub style music.

You are spinning your legs just as fast as you can 100-110 mph. The spin instructor is highly energized and you can’t help but smile between the pain of your legs burning and your heart pounding. The instructor then asks you to ‘come out of the saddle’ AKA your seat; you are standing up and still trying to maintain the same speed. This goes on for several minutes, you are spinning, you are dancing, you are smiling, maybe even crying.

Then the crazy lady asks you to do pushups on your handle bars, lean from one side to the other, stand up, sit down, and stand up again. Phew I am getting exhausted just remembering the experience. Then the music changes, a slow steady beat and you know what’s coming, a climb. So the instructor asks you to turn your resistance up and you are slowly pedaling to your death. But all the while you are smiling for some unknown reason. Maybe it’s because the girl next to you is yelling and screaming showing how much she loves life, or maybe it’s the instructor that is doing these groovy dance moves, either way it’s exhilarating.

After the climb, and after you think you just barely survived, and you are thinking in your head ‘surely the class is close to being over’, the instructor tells you to get out your weights. “Wait a second, your weights?! What the h*%^”! I look around as everyone is grabbing weights from little baskets on the side of their bikes. So I look down and notice for the first time the little 1 pound dumbbells inside. So I grab them and follow along as we are not only spinning, (because that would be too easy) but suddenly we are incorporating hand weights into our workout for a full body experience. “Wow” , I think to myself “this class is awesome”.

The instructor then asks us who wants heavier weights and she is walking around with larger dumbbells. I am thinking to myself “1 pound dumbbells are very light I am use to working with much larger and I am no wuss”, so I ask the instructor to hand me some 5 pound dumbbells.

So there I am spinning away, smile on my face, rowing away, doing overhead presses, tricep extensions, bicep curls etc etc. Then the burn starts kicking in and the smile goes away. We are literally doing about 100 reps of each exercise, after about 30 reps, 5  pounds seems very heavy, and I have notice my very amateur mistake.

After about 10 minutes the weights go away and we finish with a very fast spin to the finish line. All in all the class was only 45 minutes long and I literally think I sweated out my body weight, even more then in bikhram yoga, if that’s possible. And even though I write about the class like it was this painful experience, I loved every minute of it.

I promise you that if you take a class like this, it will be completely different than any spin class you have ever experienced in your life. Currently the studios are only located in NY, Florida and California but it is a very fast growing company so who knows, maybe it will be in a city near you someday soon. In the mean time, fingers crossed that I get the job, I will know next week! 2 weeks left until my triathlon. Getting down to the grime now and I still haven’t successfully completed an open water swim. Bad Crista.

This week’s training will be as follows:

Monday: Body Pump (I am getting bored with my weight routine so I am going to take a class at defined and switch things up a bit) followed by a ¾ mile swim

Tuesday: Spin Class

Wednesday: Running and Yoga/Pilates Mat

Thursday: Road biking to gym, swim ½ mile at gym, ride home

Friday: Body Pump again

Saturday: Running

Sunday: Road Biking/Short run

I have posted a link to soul cycle website for anyone that wants to check it out, plus a video. soul cycle was on Live with Regis and Kelly!

If you don’t do what’s best for your body, you’re the one who comes up on the short end. – Julius Erving

Hope everyone has a fabulous week!

With Love



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