Training Days 45-46 & “Why you should never consume energy drinks unless the world is ending and you are running from a zombie”


It should be no surprise to anyone reading this that energy drinks are bad for you. But of course people consume things that are bad for them every day. Why do we do this to ourselves?! We overwork, stay up to late, don’t go to the gym and as a result we are very tired, so what do we reach for in the morning and once again mid afternoon?! Nasty nasty energy drinks!

Below I will talk about why energy drinks are bad for you but I also want to reiterate the fact that instead of masking your tired body and brain with more energy drinks, why don’t you look at what’s CAUSING you to be tired in the first place?!! Brilliant I know. I came up with that one all by myself.

Alright so let’s break energy drinks down so maybe you can start to understand why they are NO NO NO drinks! First let’s talk about what are in most energy drinks.

Well first they are usually carbonated and contain caffeine or other stimulants, such as ginseng and tea extracts. Oh and let’s not forget, they are loaded with sugar! While diet energy drinks contain less calories and sugar than regular varieties, they pose similar risks.

So just because it says LOWER IN SUGAR does not mean you that it’s a healthier choice or that you should consume it. Most of the time instead of sugar listed as an ingredient it will contain aspartame or something similar. Hello people! Where have you been for the last several years, artificial sweeteners are also BAD BAD BAD. Hence the word artificial! I don’t know about you, but I don’t want anything artificial, made in a lab, in my body.



Some of you might be thinking, well Crista, what about all the vitamins and minerals that energy drinks have?! Well my friend’s tannic acids such as those found in energy drinks block up to sixty percent of the absorption of vitamins and minerals, both from tablets and from food. 60%! That means the vitamins in them are probably not doing as much for you as taking the same amount with water. It also means that the tablets you swallow are going to flush right through your system and out the other end, unused.

The stimulants in energy drink may cause numerous digestive symptoms, including stomach ache, nausea and upset stomach. Since stimulants have a diuretic effect, the energy drinks may cause frequent need to urinate. Excessive caffeine consumption may lead to dehydration. In severe cases, dehydration leads to electrolyte imbalances—improper levels of vital bodily salts in the body that can cause heart, muscular and cognitive problems, which leads into why you should most definitely not mix energy drinks with alcohol.

Combining energy drinks with alcohol has become a growing trend in America. According to the Marin Institute, 40% percent of youth ages 12 to 17 and 55% of young adults ages 18 to 24 report routine energy drink consumption. For this reason, many alcoholic beverage companies are targeting this age group in promotion of energy drinks combined with alcohol. I won’t sit here and pretend that I have never drank a vodka red bull because believe I have had my share; however I would notice that I was getting these really funky odd heart beats after consuming such a drink. And then I woke up and realized, I WAS giving myself heart palpitations!

Regular and diet energy drinks combined with alcohol pose multiple dangers. Though people may believe that it’s harder to get drunk while drinking stimulants, what actually happens is their assessment of their intoxication is reduced.

As a result, you drink more then you should, you become dehydrate, you level of thinking is compromised, you do dumb stuff, you become irritable, oh ya and you give yourself heart problems! . Energy drinks are known to cause rapid heartbeat and blood pressure increases. Why are people voluntarily doing this to themselves?!!

Oh and check this out, you are going to love this one, in severe cases, excessive energy drink consumption has been linked with seizures, chest pain, heart attacks and sudden death. SUDDEN DEATH!!

Caffeine and other stimulants contained in energy drinks may negatively affect a person’s ability to think clearly or focus on important tasks. The effects of caffeine are temporary and do not restore restfulness attained from adequate sleep. In addition, people who consume energy drinks or other caffeinated beverages regularly are more likely to struggle with insomnia.



Hmm interesting. So you drink an energy drink because you are tired because you tossed and turned all night, and then you can’t sleep because of the energy drink that you had earlier that day. Interesting… I hope you see the never ending cycle. Oh but good news! There is something you can do other then consume energy drinks to give yourself a little extra energy.

SO what’s the big secret?! A balanced diet and exercise of course! Really its that simple, eat a little more veggies, cut out the sugars, taken an extra walk around the park with your dog or kid, the little things really add up. You will notice that just from simply changing your diet, regulating your weight, and exercising more, that you will sleep soundly like a little baby and not need those big bad nasty energy drinks.

If you don’t have the energy to do things without these beverages, talk to your doctor. Part of it may be addiction; your body has learned to depend on them. However, lack of energy is a symptom of many medical conditions, low thyroid, metabolic issues, etc etc. Listen to your body.

One last word of advice: If you have been consuming large amounts of these products, stopping abruptly will lead to one of the worst headaches you can imagine. It’s best to taper off slowly to avoid this problem. And last but certainly not least, please please do not consume energy drinks unless the world is ending and a zombie is chasing you and it is absolutely necessary to consume.

With Love




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